healthy food storage author, healthy preserving website, healthy preserving bioI’m Celeste, and I love health, fitness, and food! My mission is to empower others to live healthy, fulfilling lives through a nutritious lifestyle. This site focuses on how to stock your kitchen or pantry with healthy foods, and then how to use those foods in delicious, everyday meals.

So what is considered to be healthy when it comes to eating? There are lots of views out there, and tons of diet plans that vary widely in what they believe is acceptable or healthy for the human body. I believe that a healthy diet is one that is balanced and that is full of real, whole foods (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc.) with minimal exposure to refined sugars, processed foods, and added preservatives. I don’t believe in diets that are complicated or extreme – I follow research-based national guidelines,  which promote a balanced diet using everyday, normal foods.

Overall, I hope to make life a little bit easier for anyone looking to fill their kitchens with the best foods for a healthy and vibrant life!


I love everything health or nutrition related! I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s degree in Public Health, and am a certified Master Gardener. I have spent several years working in various areas of public health, including health research, international and state-wide community health programs, and as a Nutrition Educator. I currently teach college level courses in Public Health. I love gardening, reading, cooking, staying active, and sharing what I have learned with others! Most of all, I love spending time with my husband and our two amazing boys.

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