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How to make homemade dried apple rings.

How to Make Dried Apple Rings at Home (No added sugar!)

Homemade dried apple rings are SO much better compared to storebought ones. Most commercially dried apples that I have found have not included the peel (where the majority of the nutrition lies), they have already turned brown from oxidation, they have had oil and sugars added to them, or they have been sulfured as a food preservation technique. In the picture below, I compare home dried apple rings with a few commercial ones from my local grocery store – there is really no comparison!!! And the home dried one tastes MUCH better!

Difference between home and commercially dried apples, apple rings

Can you tell which ones are homemade? They are the pretty ones on the lower right! It is hard to tell in the picture, but the other ones are more brown, and the ones on the top right have oils, corn syrup, and other preservatives added to them. The ones on the top left actually taste pretty good and include the peel, but they are more crunchy compared to home dried ones, and they came broken in pieces. The rings on the lower left were taken from bulk bins in the grocery store health food section – they don’t include the peels and were highly oxidized (brown – meaning some nutrient loss) when I bought them.


  1. Wash and core apples. For maximum nutrition, leave the peels on. They also look prettier that way when dried!Picture of how to core apples
  2. Slice apples into rings about ¼ inch thick.
  3. Lay apple rings on a lightly oiled dehydrator sheet. The oil will prevent sticking. (Optional: Before laying the apple rings on the dehydrator sheet, soak the rings in pineapple juice or ascorbic acid mixture for 3-5 minutes. Pat the rings dry. Dipping apple rings is not necessary to dry them. However, it does extend shelf storage life by slowing oxidation of the apples. The ones shown here were not dipped.)
    Apple rings on dehydrator sheet
  4. Place apples in the dehydrator at 135 degrees for 8-10 hours (time will depend on thickness of rings). Check the apples for doneness – there should be no visible moisture when you bend the apple ring, but it should still be pliable and be able to bend without breaking.Homemade dried apple rings
  5. Store apple rings in an airtight storage container. I prefer quart-sized glass canning jars or airtight ziplock bags. Label and date your container.

Stored apple rings in quart jars

Tips for storing dried apples: I prefer to use a clear container so that you can see when the dried apples need to be used (you can see if there is any moisture in the jar, or mold growth). The container should be airtight, to prevent oxidation of the apple rings. You should also store the apples in a cool, dark pantry, away from light. Avoiding exposure to heat, air, and light will help to preserve maximum nutritional value. The dried rings last for about a year if stored properly. You can also put them in the freezer, in a freezer appropriate sealed container, for extended storage.