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Make-Ahead Breads

how to freeze bread, homemade wheat bread, preserve homemade breadWHY SHOULD I PRESERVE BREADS?

Do you ever wish you had fresh, homemade bread, but don’t have all that time to spend in the kitchen to make it? I sure do! Freezing is a great way to enjoy wholesome baked bread, with ingredients that you love, even on a busy day when you don’t have time to bake. On a day when you do have time to bake, you can simply make extras, and freeze the loaves that you don’t need for another, busier day. If you are making zucchini bread, this is also a great way to use extra zucchinis from your garden, or extra ones you may have in your refrigerator, without having to eat all the bread at once.


You can store your favorite, wholesome bread for another day by freezing it. The main thing is to wrap your bread snugly to prevent moisture loss, or freezer burn. To freeze your bread, follow these simple steps:

1. Wrap bread in tin foil. I just place my bread on a large sheet of tin foil, and wrap the edges around the bread snugly.

2. Place the bread, now wrapped in tin foil, in an airtight freezer bag. I like to use a gallon-sized ziplock bag. Be sure to remove all the air possible from the freezer bag before sealing. This will minimize moisture loss, or freezer burn.

3. Label and date your freezer bag so that you know when you need to use your bread by! 

bread wrapped in tin foil, store bread, freeze zucchini bread


According to research-based guidelines, there are different suggested freezing times (to retain highest food quality), depending on the type of bread you make. It won’t be unsafe after these timelines if frozen properly, but the nutritional and taste quality may go down after that, which defeats the whole purpose of preserving your bread! Here are some guidelines for freezing times if you want to retain full nutritional quality (which we do!):

  • Quick breads (zucchini, gingerbread, nut and fruit bread): 2-4 months
  • Yeast breads (bread, rolls, and any others that are slow rising with yeast): 6-8 months


Frozen bread is so easy to use, and it will save you a ton of time on a busy day, but still give you a nutritious snack or meal addition! Simply remove the bread from the freezer, and allow it to thaw while still wrapped in the tin foil and freezer bag (to retain moisture while thawing). After thawing, you can eat it at room temperature, or heat the loaf up for a few minutes in the oven while still wrapped in just the tin foil (this should be obvious, but be sure to REMOVE the plastic bag before putting it in the oven!).

I usually make 4 loaves of whole-wheat bread at a time, and I use this method all the time to freeze the extra loaves. This way I can have fresh homemade bread for my family on a regular basis, without having to make it each time. Here are some of my favorite go-to recipes below. Enjoy also experimenting with your own favorite recipes!


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