Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store


how to save money on produce, how to shop smartThe fruits shown here are ones that I just picked up from my local grocery store. Notice that they both say the word “Reduced” on their label. This is because the bananas are to the over-ripening point, and some of the apples have a small hole poked in them (hardly noticeable) – but they are still perfectly good fruit! I paid only $1.66 for the nearly 5 1/2 pounds of fruit shown above ($1 for the apples, and $0.66 for the bananas).

So where do you find reduced-price fruit? Many stores will have a separate shelf where they consistently stock overripe or slightly damaged fruit – mine is located right in the produce section. If you don’t see one at your favorite store, you can ask an employee from the produce department. This is now a habit of mine to check the reduced-price shelf each time I make a trip to the store.

So what do you do with overripe bananas and a bag of apples? Here is a picture of what I did for my family.

healthy banana muffins, banana ice creamFor just $1.66 worth of produce, I was able to make a dozen banana-nut muffins, banana-chocolate chip ice cream, an apple salad to feed four people, and still have 3 apples left over for an after-school snack the next day! This made up 2/3 of the dinner I served to my family of 4 that night, including dessert! Yes, these food items did involve some other ingredients, but they were simple ones that I already had on hand, stocked in my fridge or pantry.

Looking for overripe or reduced-price fruit at your local grocery store can save you money and help you feed your family. So next time you go to the grocery store, don’t forget to look!

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